410E Stadium Road, Sindathriya, Waikkal, Sri Lanka


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Yoga Sri Lanka 

Yoga Pilgrim Lodge ...

attracts and engages souls from around the globe looking to expand and deepen their understanding of mind, body and themselves, practice meditation and postures, SUP & SURF, rest, rejuvenate, travel, explore and develop new way of balanced living both within and without.

provides healthy board, cozy and convenient lodging spiced with individual guidance in self development, improvement of body and mind conditions through application of Classical Yoga Sri Lanka and Ayurveda practices. We share ancient knowledge of well-being, strong-willing, wise-living and, if needed, soul healing with our guests. We embrace individual approach to all harmony seekers.

is a new modern wave in recreation & travel. We endeavor to combine the best experience of indoor and outdoor activities such as Meditation, Ayurveda, Windsurfing, SUP (stand up paddle), Pilgrimage to sacred places and masterpieces of Nature and, of course, Yoga Sri Lanka.

What makes our place Special and your experience Unique


Yoga Pilgrim Lodge is nested on the bank of the transcendental Maha Oya River entering the magnificent Indian Ocean half a mile down the river. Where beats of industrialized life come to a complete standstill giving way to super natural tropical environment and you a chance to get new insight and experience of unprecedented state of body & mind.
We are conveniently located about 20 km from the International Airport, on the way from Colombo to Kalpitiya.


Yoga Pilgrim Lodge provides full vegetarian board and little more. Our kitchen is an open space located right in the junction of all passages in our premises. Each guest is free to see what and how meals are being prepared as well as to participate, suggest and modify recipes of the day. We are welcoming new ideas to be put into the oven. For very active guests our tropical garden is open for investigation and horticultural activities. Although we are vegetarian some guests might give it a try fishing in the river or the estuary on one of the full moon nights. 


We serve healthy, nourishing and well-balanced meals all in accord with ancient Ayurvedic tradition and recommendations. Most of the meals are prepared on the wood cook stove, utilizing dried wood, clay and stainless steel pots, out of fruits and vegetables grown in our garden. 


At Yoga Pilgrim Lodge you will never get bored. It is all nature - all wisdom. And variety of activities we offer adds up to the feeling of personal space, freedom and knowledge. From subtle practices of yoga, meditation and ayurveda treatments to stand up paddling (SUP) cruises on the river and the ocean; bicycle rides into the neighborhood and walking tours in the neighborhood.  


At Yoga Pilgrim Lodge we have all facilities and knowledge necessary to make herbal medicine (rasayana)  in accordance with ancient formulas using powerful energy of Sri Lanka herbs and fire energy of the wood stove. We apply Indian science of Ayurveda both in yoga practice and treatment of ailment if any.


At Yoga Pilgrim Lodge we arrange 1 or 2 days pilgrimages to the mountains, waterfalls, parks and nature reserves, rain forests, sacred places and monk caves the island is full of. There are yet more mysteries and treasures to find and explore in the island.

The Yogi Hostess, Jeewanthi, is the Fire Keeper and founder of our Ayurveda Retreat, Kundalini that dreams within to wake up one day. Jeewa is a creative, very light and positive soul. She possesses healing and calming abilities that has led her onto the path of Ayurveda and Wellness.


Yoga, Meditation 
and Ayurveda Retreat

6 days / 5 nights

For active and health driven people interested in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation...


Yoga Retreat,
SUP and Pilgrimage

7 days / 6 nights

For active, adventurous and physically fit people. This is Pilgrimage - do not expect artificial luxuries on the way, instead await for beauties of nature, hardships of the climb, magnificent sky, magical night, refreshing waterfalls, humble space of observation point at the peak of the island and panoramic sunrise in the morning.


Yoga Retreat, Meditation
and SUP

6 days / 5 nights

For active, adventurous and physically fit people. Expect beauties of nature, magnificent sky, magical sunsets, refreshing herbal drinks, stand up paddling cruises both on the river and in the ocean - a way to communicate to the nature and yourself.