SunRise at the Lodge
SunRise at the Lodge

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River Flow
River Flow

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SunRise at the Lodge
SunRise at the Lodge

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 A continuous flow of perception or thought is Dhyana (meditation). There is continuous current in the mind of one object like the flow of water in a river (Pravaha). 

Meditation Retreat Sri Lanka

Meditation Retreat is a process of unwinding the mind, liberating it from being focused on itself, freeing from false identities and dependencies. Meditation is the renovation of the mind and happenings inside of the mind. It is a slow restructuring and increasing capacity and functionality of mental resources (energies). 

Daily Mind

We all live in the mind - our thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions, goals, and meanings are the product of the mind. Imagination being the product of the mind we can't even imagine a life without the mind. We all have got so much attached to the mind that we can't live and breathe without it, can't go beyond associating with the mind and depending on it. We can't attain a peace of mind ending up in a lot of tribulations, tensions, and dissatisfactions in day to day life. Is there a way out of this suffering? According to Buddhism there is a simple way to surrender and subdue the mind to Will which leads to peace and bliss in reality. Let us quote Gautama Buddha here - "There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path". 

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Meditation Practices

We practice meditation every day. There are a few requisites to succeed during Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka:

- silent and quiet environment;
- light, vegetarian diet;
- strong intent and longing to attain a peaceful mind for any life experience;

- personal contact with a teacher;
- cool place (beachside only in the night and mornings)

We do not expect each and every guest to participate in the morning meditation which we begin at sunrise time at about 06:00 AM and finish at about 07:00 AM. For some 10-20 minutes is enough, you can leave the meditation room. We will have herbal tea after the practice followed by Hatha Yoga Practice which we normally finish around 09:00 AM.

Below we have listed a few programs that comprise meditation practice. 

What benefits you will acquire during Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka:

- you will learn methods and kriyas for mind and sense control and stability;
- through an individualized practice you will learn how to acquire peace and serenity;

- you will grow positive traits and features of your individuality so as to remain centered and focused, confident and relaxed in your day to day living;

- you will develop a detached point of view on life problems and concerns that will help you to approach situations in a more constructive and less stressed ways

6d/5n Yoga, Meditation & WingSurf Retreat

6d/5n Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda Retreat