Balanced Diet

In accord with Ayurveda, consumption of proper ingredients both mental and physical is half of the treatment of almost any illness or unwellness. The other half being the life-style - your expression, manifestation both physically and psychically into the outside world. The general concept of Balanced Diet at Yoga Pilgrim Lodge in Sri Lanka is based on several main ideas:

- quality outbalances quantity - the amount consumed at one time should be in moderation so that it does not hinder yoga practice;

improper combination of ingredients will diminish their value and reduce their qualitative impact on the body & mind;

- wholesome meals - meaning the food consumed should be nutritious and healing if required;

- we do not offer anything that we do not eat ourselves;

- minimum processing - as long as you progress with your practice you will become more sensitive to the food you consume both of material and mental substances. You will be able to discern which food is filled with prana and the one which is void of it. The more you process the food, the less prana will be left there to your benefits. We give preference to raw, stewed, baked and steamed food;

- we emphasize not only physical influence of the food consumed, but differentiate effects of your meals upon your mental level;

- the food processed and then stored in the fridge generates toxins and is of little value for those seeking the balance of Body & Mind;

- timing and quantity of food to be consumed depends on individual Dosha-Mind type and will be estimated and recommended upon your arrival;

- we recommend Aurveda formulas as supplement to the main balanced diet course with purposes of alleviating aggravated doshas, boosting energy & health, removing or reducing body & mind imbalances;

- we consider herbs as subtle food that influence not only physical plane but mostly pranic (energy) level and apply them quantum satis;

- 6 tastes of the food should be well-balanced, matching to your Dosha-Mind type (inside environment) and suit to your present body-mind conditions as well as to outside environment (climate, season, time of the day...);

- we diversify the diet, distinguishing between moderation of daily food and festive feasts;

- our recommended diets include a variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes, roots, nuts, seeds, diversified assortment of vegetable oils;

- we include to the extent of given Dosha type such products as whole grain bread, low-fat milk and dairy products, lean meat, fish and seafood;

- we recommend to avoid: • Excessive high-calorie nutrition, leading to excess body weight; • monotonous food; • excessive consumption of sugar and confectionery; • excessive consumption of animal fat (in the composition of lard, meat, butter, fatty dairy products, as well as in a latent form - in sausages); • pickles (the norm is 5 grams of salt per day), smoked meats and fried foods; • alcohol consumption, especially in large doses;

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