Sex, Drugs and Tantra

Everlasting Search

From ancient times the man was investigating ways and techniques to transform, change, uplift his perception of himself and the outside. Tantra is an ageless and highly practical discipline that can rocket your consciousness into the skies. All religions in one way or another employed methods of Tantra. Shamanistic rituals are known to have been applied in all cultures of the world.

Sex, Drugs and Tantra

There are different methods that can transform your awareness and the consequences of their use differ. 20th century folk preferred more quick and passive methods that in most cases brought you up and then threw you down even lower than before to the methods which are active, gradual and spiritual. Passive methods are generally chemical in substance which speeds up the process but causes physical changes and destruction inevitably followed by far more disastrous consequences on the spiritual level. Drugs of different substances can help you in releasing your subconscious blocks and emotions within the time they are in effect. This is the shift of perception and the way how you perceive yourself that brings so desirable relief. Once the effect comes to an end, the awareness returns to normal state to realize consecutive physical and psychological discomfort or pain. On your conscious and subconscious levels an imprint of the aftermath pain will be created. The feeling of lost paradise that you’ve experienced being intoxicated by drugs will firmly fix in the long-term memory and urge you to want it, long for it and once again have it. A breach of Will occurs that will cause destruction to your spiritual self. Without will mind is not able to control drugs, the drugs become masters of your body and mind. Good health will guarantee you will stay longer to withstand gradual physical destruction. However, in most cases psychological destruction happens more quickly with the mind being trapped in between pain and pleasure without support from strong will. There are cases when drugs can help you on the way to spiritual self. The guru will play crucial role in cases of using drugs to open your dark sides and self-liberate them. Then guru will be a guide and your will as well which can’t last long. It is absolutely true that drugs can’t guide you.

The basic trend of modern awareness flows away from wishy-washy way of searching Truth. 21st century society chooses ancient methods of Yoga to unfold consciousness of our True Self without jeopardizing and diluting young and immature souls of the Western World.

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