SUP on MaOya 10
SUP on MaOya 10

SUP on MaOya 10
SUP on MaOya 10


...but we can adjust ourselves

We can't direct the wind or the waves...


SURF Sri Lanka


At Sri Lanka Surf Yoga Lodge we live near, or rather, on the water, surrounded by the river and in close proximity to the ocean. We utilize floating vessels to move around, explore and enjoy nature and surroundings. We engage Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) a lot which offers a lot of fun and different ways to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout. Standing at full height on your board, you get a unique vantage point for viewing what’s down, under the water and out on the horizon.

To get your paddle board moving, you’ll need a few things to learn and use:

  • Basic SUP paddling techniques; just a few skills will ensure you don’t end up paddling in circles.

  • How to get equipped to SUP; you’ll need your board, fins, paddle of course, plus just a couple other essentials.

  • A few helpful tips for your first SUP outing (hint: try to make wind your friend).

Stand Up Paddling

To explore the surroundings we would normally hop on long and wide boards every afternoon. Ging Oya and Maha Oya rivers together with Dutch Canal make Waikkal and neighboring villages a unique area for adventurous trips by water. These extended and interconnected water routes previously used by Dutch colonists are used today as water-ways by small boats and will perfectly serve explorers on SUP boards. You can paddle upstream and peek into life of locals, watch abundance of wildlife along the river - birds, fish, reptiles and many more you may come across while aboard. You can head down the river towards the shores of the Indian ocean, find a shady place on the beach. Alternatively you may enjoy a few wave rides in the choppy conditions or just chill out in the sand, swim or meditate on a magical sunset which is never the same.

Wing Surfing

At Sri Lanka Surf Yoga Lodge we consider Wingsurfing as psychical or mental activities rather than physical action. Wind as a subtle element is the main constituent of the nervous system thus the Mind. Learning how to stabilize the body in the ever changing wind flow we are mastering the Mind. Striking the balance, being in the flow and maintaining it on the board with the sails we are training the mind to remain quiet and detached in various life situations of pleasure and pain, honor and dishonor, success and failure.

Ride the Wind

Dalai Lama

We go in for wing surfing in the afternoon. Beginners will find our location the most convenient as the river doesn't have a strong current and flat water makes the learning process pleasant and progressive. Apart from tropical greenery and nature scenery Yoga Pilgrim Lodge will offer a quiet area with almost no traffic on the water or around which greatly contributes to your learning progress. 

Those guests who have mastered basics can wing surf in the ocean located only half a mile down the river and master their skills in the choppy waters of the Indian Ocean. 

We begin Wing Surf sessions around 16:00 and finish at sunset time around 18:00 by enjoying spectacular views of the sinking sun reflecting its power on the screen of the sky, swimming in the waves, or meditating on the skimming clouds and birds. 

Below we have listed a few programs that include afternoon wing surfing & SUP sessions.

6 days/5 nights
Yoga, Meditation Retreat & SUP

6 days/5 nights
Yoga, Meditation & Wingsurf Retreat