"Never perceive life physically. Understand it psychically and realize spiritually"

Sri Swami Sivananda

Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

Our yoga retreat vision is simple yet aspiring self-study and self-investigation. Below we outline the main concepts of yoga day our guests will engage in at our sup yoga retreat Sri Lanka.

We strongly believe that genuine yoga practice isn’t possible in group sessions which are merely market activities.

We profess an individual approach to each guest. At our yoga retreat you will be consulted by the Host in order to determine your Mind-Body type which will have a direct impact on your personal Yoga and Ayurveda management plan for the time of your staying with us. 

Classical Yoga

We employ an integrated approach to your practice that combines eight limbs of Classical Yoga:
1) Yama – Social Conduct;

2) Niyama – Personal Behavior;

3) Asana – Physical Postures;

4) Pranayama - Control of Vital Force;

5) Pratyahara – Control of Senses;

6) Dharana – Control of the Mind;

7) Dhyana - Meditation;

8) Samadhi – Absorption (Realisation) integrating methods of Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana Yoga.

Yoga Retreat at Yoga Pilgrim Lodge will include and combine one or more steps mentioned above.


Asana is a crucial step at every Yoga Retreat, oversimplified and understood as exercise performed with therapeutic purposes Asana has become a meaning of Yoga for most people in the West. At Yoga Pilgrim Lodge asana is a medium, tool, or vehicle balancing the physical and pranic bodies that allow you to proceed to more advanced steps of Yoga practice like pranayama, pratyahara, concentration and meditation.

 The purpose of asana is to create and stabilize a free flow of energies on the physical plane that will directly affect your health and vitality; as well as indirectly – mind and awareness. The outcome – lightness of the physical body. Consequence – a practitioner proceeds further by going deeper into the mind and beyond. Eventually all concerns about asanas, physical body, and its position disappear as soon as deep meditation happens.

Particular asanas support in treating some diseases but are rarely a sufficient treatment in themselves. Their help is mainly indirect. They work to improve circulation to impaired areas in order to release toxins and improve the healing and growth of tissues. So we should move into asana to direct the prana flow to the part of the body that one is seeking to benefit. Prana brings healing effect and not the posture by itself. 

We select and modify asanas according to an individual’s condition, physical and mental constitution. Self-conquest and self-mastery are the greatest psychical attainments from the proper asana practice.

Yoga Retreat

During your yoga retreat you might feel the need to dedicate some of your free time and efforts for the development of our multinational and multicultural soul yoga community by helping in the garden, cleaning, cooking, repairing, chopping wood, or just sharing your advice on improvements we need. The selfless effort is a part of Karma Yoga and will greatly contribute to your Sadhana in general.

"It is not through compulsion or rules or regulations that men can be transformed into divine beings. All spiritual seekers must have convincing experiences of their own." - Swami Sivananda. 

Below we have listed packages specifically developed for guests of our yoga retreat who are interested to learn more about Yoga and those guests who are ready to make spiritual effort to tune their bodies and minds to perceive the subtle level of being which is called Soul, Yoga, the Divine, Absolute Consciousness...

6d/5n Yoga, Meditation Retreat & SUP

410E Stadium Road, Sindathriya, Waikkal, Sri Lanka


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