Yoga Pilgrimage
Yoga Pilgrimage

Yoga Pilgrimage
Yoga Pilgrimage


"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal”

Paulo Coelho

Exploring the Island of Sri Lanka

Adventure Pilgrim Camp

At the Lodge we welcome adventurers who are visiting Sri Lanka for the first time or people who simply eager to explore natural and ancient treasures of the island. During your stay with us together we agree and pick up destinations which have cultural, spiritual and recreational value. We will take necessary arrangements depending on selected location with regards to transportation, accommodation, meals and itinerary. Our usual trips are of 1-3 days and include destinations like mountains, caves, waterfalls, ancient kingdoms, rain forest reserves, wild life parks, lagoons, pilgrim routes. 

Since there are so many options and variety of possible routes as well as places for exploration in the island we keep space for your suggestions, creativity and group discussions. We will come up with a precise itinerary through communicating with our guests.

Below we have listed a program which we have done many times in the past that includes 2 days and 1 night pilgrimage to the mountains with a climb of the Adam's Peak.

7 days/6 nights
Yoga Retreat, SUP & Pilgrimage
to the Mountains